A couple of weeks ago we had Celebration597 – a little internal party to recognize a milestone in our journey to provide a high-speed solution to our membership. We’ve dabbled in internet products and services for over a decade; Wild Blue satellite was one of those offerings. While satellite as an internet platform is certainly fraught with issues, it resulted in our highest number of active customers at 596. TeamFiber surpassed that number in early July, hence our milestone celebration, and today we have well over 600 high-speed homes and businesses across southwest Michigan!

So what’s next? We continue working our 2015 construction plan, and will be bringing service to North Three Rivers in the fourth quarter. As we’ve said from the beginning, YOU determine where we go beyond 2015 by spreading the word and building your zone.  You’ve worked it, and we’re pleased today to announce our first build for 2016. Drumroll please …


East Vicksburg North MendonSometime in the second quarter of 2016, we’ll begin lighting up homes and businesses in the easternmost part of our southwest Michigan service area. Over 150 are currently signed up in that zone, and we expect that to jump as we begin actively marketing the service.  Walk-out work will begin next week, so you may see members of our team out and about. The engineering and construction will happen during Q4 2015 and Q1 2016, and we expect to begin in-home installs sometime in Q2. As we learned in the Deep Freeze of 2013-14, Mother Nature can wreak havoc with the best-laid plans, but you’re first on the list for 2016.

That’s just the early plan for 2016, so don’t stop spreading the word. We’ll add additional zones based on the expressions of interest at our website. Keep sharing on social media, passing out business cards and flyers, and generally talking it up. You’re in control of where we go – just ask the folks in East Vicksburg and North Mendon!