Believe it or not, everything from your 2.4GHz home phone to your microwave oven to your neighbor’s Wi-Fi can impact your Wi-Fi signal strength and Internet speed. While no two experiences are the same, most throttling issues typically involve cordless phones, microwaves, and other products using the 2.4GHz band. Bluetooth devices, which are growing in home adoption, are another common culprit.

So what can you do to identify problems and improve your Wi-Fi signal strength?

Start by trying to determine what’s affecting your signal. There are tools out there that can help you find the best signal strength for your devices, as well as what could be interfering with the signal. Android users can use the Wi-Fi Analyzer app, which allows you to walk around your house and evaluate your signal strength at any given point. As you meander around your home and the strength of the Wi-Fi drastically changes or dips off, then you can easily identify the culprit. Wi-Fi can be a delicate thing! Wi-Fi Signal is a similar Mac laptop app.

In terms of solutions, if you’re using newer Wi-Fi devices, you may be able to connect to the 5GHz range, bypassing the issues present with the 2.4GHz. Go into the network settings on your wireless device and look for a 5GHz SSID name. If you have our ONT router, you might need to go into the wireless settings to find out which SSID Name is the 5GHz network. If you have your own, consult your manual or manufacturer on setting up the 5GHz on your router. And if you have an older router, you might just want to purchase a new one that supports the latest standard.

We’re all familiar with the Wi-Fi signal strength indicator. If you’ve got the coveted four bars, you’ll enjoy Excellent signal strength and should be good to go with any online activity, including gaming and streaming. Three bars is Good strength and should be adequate for your Email and most website delivery. At two bars you have Fair strength, which is the minimum required for basic delivery, but won’t provide very reliable service. And with just one bar, your service is weak and functionality is highly unlikely.