Facebook and Twitter are blowing up with your comments and enthusiasm about fiber internet. Everyone is excited that it’s coming, and everyone wants to know when!

As we’ve been explaining, the “when” beyond 2015 is largely in your hands. Remember, this is a very grassroots effort and our members are largely driving the next-step construction plans by building their zones. Each zone that reaches goal will be considered as we determine where we’re going next.

Here’s another tool for you. We developed these calling cards to help you spread the word about fiber internet to your friends and neighbors. Now you can talk it up AND leave a reminder that points folks directly to the website so they can get more information and sign up.

The calling cards are free (in packs of 25 at a time) to any member interested in helping spread the word. They are the size of a business card, and available at our Cass or Paw Paw district service center. We’ll also mail out a pack to you upon request. Just email us at info@teammidwestconnections.com or call us at 844-49FIBER.

We’ve got 14 people on the schedule for installs this week! If you’ve already been hooked up, or you’re one of the lucky ones in the 2015 plan, please let us know more about your experience when you’re up and surfing. Share under the Comments section at our Join The Crowd page and take it to the social space. We want to hear from you!