We’re all about getting everyone hooked up as quickly as possible with their new fiber service, and this week we hit a MAJOR milestone!

COAOn Wednesday, our installation tech Gary Martin had the honor of lighting up our 1000th customer, our great friends at the Cass County Council on Aging. The local non-profit had fiber internet and telephone services installed at their Lowe Center facility in Cassopolis.

Bob Cochrane, CEO of the agency, said the COA relies heavily on the internet to deliver services to area seniors. “We offer WiFi access at the Lowe Center, which is very popular with our guests. We also assist with tax returns, and these have to be filed online. Last year we had reliability issues with our service and it was challenging to get the returns filed.”

The COA also offers a monthly movie, which is streamed over the internet, and Cochrane is eager to see how the new 50 Mbps high-speed service improves the viewing experience.

“We’re so excited to now have fast, reliable service that will provide so many benefits to our team and our customers,” Cochrane said. “We applaud Midwest for recognizing the need and taking a stand to affect change. Our entire southwest Michigan region will be better positioned for growth and new opportunity as a result of their leadership.”