A couple of months ago we shared a video explaining the many steps in the process of bringing fiber internet to your home or business.  A lot of people get excited to see work going on in their yard or neighborhood, only to find out that the actual service is still months away.

contracted-workersHere’s another visual that helps you see and understand the process. We have nine full-time #TeamFiber employees, and a host of employees who work on fiber and other Midwest efforts. But the bigger part of our team are the 46 contactors working on our behalf. 46!  For the most part, these are the folks you’re regularly seeing in the field building that system that will ultimately bring your high-speed solution. The graphic shows the number of individuals working on each piece of the process, and each of these steps must be completed before you ever even get the magic call about your in-home installation. Patience is a virtue!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: five years from now, folks in southwest Michigan will be able to sign up and get service almost immediately. It’s cool to be on the ground floor of this landmark rural broadband revolution; however, that also means you have to experience the pains of waiting while the infrastructure is built. But from what we’re hearing, it’s well worth the wait!