Midwest Energy Core Values


Midwest Energy values doing the right thing through open and honest communication and ethical, respectful behavior in all interactions.
  • You admit mistakes readily
  • You make commitments only when there is a sincere intention to honor them
  • You confront difficult situations and represent your position without hesitation
  • You provide consistent answers, regardless of your audience
  • You treat others the way you expect to be treated
  • You find courage to be open and timely in discussing issues when feeling offended
  • You address issues and differences of opinion directly with the individual and avoid engaging other co-workers unless it is necessary for resolution
  • You listen thoroughly instead of reacting fast, so you can better understand


Midwest Energy values enthusiastic commitment to excellence.
  • You inspire others in your personal quest for excellence
  • You take ownership in your role and in the organization as a whole
  • You demonstrate quality in all you do
  • You actively contribute and care deeply about Midwest’s mission and goals for success
  • You approach each day with a can-do attitude and a desire to excel


Midwest Energy values big thinking with a willingness to develop new approaches that will effect positive change.
  • You challenge the “old” way of doing things and suggest better approaches
  • You embrace risk and change
  • You focus on great results rather than how you get there
  • You collaborate well with others in working towards a common goal
  • You keep a finger on the pulse of new and emerging opportunities that could add value to the co-op and its constituents


Midwest Energy values active involvement designed to improve the lives of people within the communities in which we work, live and serve.
  • You support community initiatives undertaken by Midwest
  • You celebrate individual and company achievements
  • You support and encourage the organization and individuals during times of need
  • You engage in the community and proudly represent the company in what you do
  • You take extra steps to find solutions when known resources are exhausted
  • You give of your time, talent and resources to help our communities thrive
  • You commit to the success of and make time to help your coworkers