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Fiber internet fever is spreading across southwest Michigan as Midwest Connections continues building its communications infrastructure. Over 2000 homes and businesses across southwest Michigan are now surfing the web at previously unknown and unprovided speeds.

Staff will be available from 4-8 p.m. to answer questions, and technology stations will be available for interested individuals to test the service experience and determine if it’s right for you. Anyone who signs up for new service during an open house will receive a credit of $49.95 on their first bill – one free month of basic residential service.

The open house event is free and open to any Midwest Energy Cooperative member. For more information or to reserve a spot, please contact Nicole Barfell at 269-445-1112 or email nicole.barfell@teammidwest.com.

In 2015, Midwest launched a five-year plan to deploy the fiber internet solution across the co-op’s southwest Michigan service territory. The cooperative is investing in a systemwide fiber communications infrastructure across the distribution grid for utility purposes, and is leveraging that investment to deliver the first real high-speed option for the largely unserved and underserved rural space in southwest Michigan. The service is now available, or will be yet this year, across 11 substation zones in the co-op’s southwest Michigan service territory. Two additional zones were recently announced for 2017, and eleven substation zones remain in pre-registration. Midwest is employing a grassroots approach to determine next-step construction plans through the five-year build. Co-op members are encouraged to visit TeamFiber.com to learn more and sign up.