In less than one week, 318 folks Joined The Crowd. It was fun to sit back and watch the interest pour in after we launched the #TeamFiber campaign!

Some have asked about the zones and what that means. Let’s break that down just a little.

We split our southwest Michigan service area into 20 different geographic zones, primarily by substation. We begin each build at the substation level, so that is the most logical approach to creating campaign zones.

Each zone has a very different make up in terms of number of members living within the territory, which is why we used a take-rate approach to establishing goals. Our take rate goal is 45%. With minimal efforts, we’ve met and exceeded that in many of our previously launched areas. In fact, we hit a 72% take rate in one of those areas!

So no matter where you live, the goal is to get at least 45% of the peeps in your zone to Join The Crowd. Early in the third quarter we will begin planning our 2016 build, and will strongly consider zones that have achieved that goal. Ultimately we’ll build across our entire southwest Michigan territory over the next five years, but if we know the interest is already there in a particular zone then we’ll strongly consider that area with next-step construction plans.

How do you get others to Join The Crowd? Just start talking! Look at the map and figure out who you know in your zone. You can plug in addresses on the home page to determine if someone is eligible (like you did when you signed up), or just zoom in using the map feature. If you’re in the social media space, share the website there. Some folks have even gone door to door to build interest!

Bottom line: if you are a Midwest Energy member living in southwest Michigan, we’re coming at some point. However, with this grassroots campaign approach, YOU can help determine where we go next! So get in the ZONE!