mottville-signWe recently spotted this homemade sign in Mottville, and just had to share it! There are a lot of ways to do grassroots work to build your zone, and this is a great example! The Mottville Zone has continued to grow at a steady pace, and is now at the top of the list for zones in pre-registration. Kudos to the individual(s) in Mottville who are raising awareness and growing the zone.

Don’t forget that we also offer some tools to help you spread the word. We have our little “calling card” with the phone number and website that you can pass around, and we also have sales flyers that you can share. Just give us a jingle at 844-49FIBER (844-493-4237) if you’re interested in a supply of these free tools.

Also wanted to introduce you to the newest member of TeamFiber. Amber Mark has been a member of the Midwest Energy Cooperative customer care team for over three years, and recently moved to TeamFiber to bring her great knowledge and skills to our active and eagerly-waiting fiber customers. You can “meet” Amber and all of the members of TeamFiber at the Our Family page of our website.