We had a call on Good Friday from a reporter at Fox 28 who was interested in doing a story on our fiber project.  We haven’t done a major media announcement yet, and were curious how they learned about us. Seems one of their cameramen, also a co-op member, got his letter about service being available and eagerly shared it with his newsroom colleagues! The result is this story that aired last week.

Fox 28 TeamFiber story

It’s a great story, and another great example of how this grassroots effort works — neighbor telling neighbor and sharing their excitement about this long-awaited service.

Neighbors are really working it in the North Cassopolis zone, where they’re already 14% to goal. There’s activity going on just about everywhere now as you all work to spread the word.

Please feel free to share this update with potential customers to spread the word. And be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share our updates through your own platforms. Very soon we’ll have some “calling cards” available that you can use to spread the word in your neighborhood and community. We’re trying to give you lots of information and tools to help you build your zones. Stay tuned, and keep talking!