Last Friday, Joe in our North Three Rivers Zone posted on our Facebook page: “Getting hooked up at 2:00 today. Good riddance Frontier.” We love that kind of excitement! Asked Joe the next day to share his early experience, and he said, “First time we’ve ever been able to stream a movie. Compared to the Frontier DSL we had, it’s like going from dialup to the real internet.”

Thanks for the love, Joe! We’re hearing a lot of similar comments, especially from those who are waiting. The great news is that our techs are banging out about 50 installs a week now, and putting a huge dent into the backlog of customers in active zones awaiting hookup.

For those of you still patiently or impatiently waiting, here is the construction update as of May 1:

All construction is complete and members are being scheduled and/or hooked up daily in Calvin, Northwest Cassopolis, North Three Rivers, Schoolcraft (except Woodbrook, where we continue working on permitting issues), Southwest Edwardsburg/East Niles (Knollwood installs should begin in the third quarter), West Cassopolis/North Edwardsburg, and West-South Dowagiac. If you’re a new user in one of these zones, welcome to the rural broadband revolution!

East Vicksburg – North Mendon:  We’ll begin installing two of the four circuits this month, and expect to be full steam ahead with lighting up all circuits early this summer.

Keeler:  We’re working through the many steps and still expect to begin lighting up this northwest portion of our service territory in the in the third quarter.

Mottville: Construction and splicing continue, and you’re still on track to get your install calls in the third quarter.

Northeast Cassopolis: Walkout work is complete and construction should start in June. Everything still looks good for fourth quarter installs.