Welcome to January – the time of year when many of us commit to better health and wellness. This month we’ll look at a few of the great tools to help you stay organized and on track!

Smart watches and health trackers like Fitbit Blaze and Apple Watch Series 2 are popular trends right now. Both offer some common features like a heart rate meter, step tracker, and calorie counter, but which one you choose depends on other features you want.

The Fitbit Blaze has a connected GPS, meaning you can map out your runs. The multi-sport mode lets you track different exercises and encourages you to reach the next level. It integrates with your music, allowing you to adjust volume, pause, or switch songs with a simple tap on your phone. It even offers on-screen workouts and a sleep tracker.

The Apple Watch offers the same functionality and more; it’s the natural choice if you have an iPhone. Just connect the devices and you can enjoy all of the fitness functionality and also answer phone calls and respond to text messages. It is 100% water proof, and has added swimming work-out features. And the list of third-party products and applications is always growing.

Here are informational videos for the FitBit Blaze and Apple Watch to help you further understand the benefits of both.

Want a few other apps to consider as you tackle wellness goals? Scosche Rhythm+ Heart Rate Armband works with both the Fitbit and Apple Watch to give accurate and up-to-date heart rates while doing strength training exercises like weight lifting. My Fitness Pal allows you to track your calorie intake on the Apple Watch or an iPhone/Android device, helping with weight loss goals by making you accountable for the food you eat! It features an easy-to-use interface and extensive food database. Beach Body on Demand is another great way to stay in shape. Their on-demand service allows you to watch their work-out videos at your convenience – a great tool for someone on the go!

Reaching your health and wellness goals has never been easier with all of the great new technology! Make 2017 the year you reach your goals!