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In the 1930s, access to electricity was not a given, particularly for those choosing rural America as home. Incumbent utilities, driven largely by profit, constructed electric infrastructure only in the more densely populated areas, leaving millions of rural Americans in the dark. But neighbors banded together and organized electric cooperatives to bring power and light to the rural space.

Someone had a vision for something different, born out of the realization that geography should not define access to services. Yet a similar inequity exists today that is as debilitating as lack of electricity was nearly 80 years ago. Today’s inequity is high-speed internet.

Technology is moving at a fast and furious pace, and Midwest Energy Cooperative is implementing a fiber-based communication system across our electric grid to power utility solutions into the future. With this investment, we can also provide a fiber-to-the-premise internet service through Midwest Connections. Our rural service territory will no longer be unserved with a viable high-speed solution.

80 years ago, electric cooperatives brought power and light to the rural space. Today, Midwest Energy Cooperative is again working to affect change for those who are unserved and underserved as a result of geography. Midwest Connections is powering information and solutions, providing access to today’s technology and preparing for whatever the future might bring.

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