High-speed internet opens up all kinds of great new opportunities, and with those come some serious levels of personal responsibility as it relates to copyrighted materials. Internet service providers, including TeamFiber, have Acceptable Use Policies that clearly define what users can and cannot do. It’s a good document to be familiar with before getting into hot water.

The internet is full of copyrighted materials, and there are many ways that people illegally access these materials using avenues like torrents, UseNet, or peer-to-peer sharing. Just because it’s available online doesn’t mean it’s legal to download. With so many online platforms, copyright infringement is a growing area of concern and is being closely monitored. In fact, if you are a TeamFiber customer and illegally download copyrighted material, we are notified by the copyright holder within an hour, and we then contact you via email with a Cease and Desist Order. This is serious business!

Bottom line: if you question whether or not a particular download is legal, don’t risk it. And if you’re intentionally downloading copyrighted materials, especially using torrents, we will find out.

The good news is that there are legal ways to access media from the internet, and stay within the framework of standard Acceptable Use Policies. As technology advances, we’ll see more and more options to purchase or rent copyrighted materials. Here are a few examples of popular applications for different media:

Please reference our Acceptable Use Policy for more information, and feel free to contact me at TechTalk@TeamMidwestConnection.com if you have questions.