We recently shared an update and photo about how folks in and around Mottville are using some simple yet effective methods for growing their zone. And it continues to work as we regularly have new members from that area signing up for service.

We saw some crazy overnight growth over the last couple of months in two other zones. We were excited about the flurry of activity, and very curious about what was driving it. After a little investigation, we discovered that one or two eager members had taken it upon themselves to sign up their neighbors. Creative approach? Yep! Good intentions? Absolutely! Workable solution? Not really …

We do encourage you to go door-to-door, put up signs, pass out flyers, spread the word in whatever way you can to educate others in your zone and garner sign ups. However, it’s really important that each member sign up their own home or business so that when it’s time to push “GO” in that zone, we have the right contact information to proceed. If your friend or neighbor doesn’t have a way to get onto the TeamFiber website, just have them give us a jingle at 844-493-4237 and our customer care reps will happily help them through the process.

We love your enthusiasm and eagerness. Lots of great talk about what’s coming. Keep the conversation going and the zones will keep growing!