With some amazing cooperation from Mother Nature, TeamFiber contractors have already finished walk-out work, and are now starting construction in our first zone builds for 2016 (East Vicksburg/North Mendon and SW Edwardsburg/East Niles). Guess what that means? We need to get more walk-out work scheduled for 2016 construction!

So without further ado, we’re excited to announce our NEXT zones for 2016. The first two are proof that grassroots efforts work, as we’ve featured their efforts in previous Crowd updates. Welcome to our 2016 build members in Mottville and Keeler Zones! Walk-out work is beginning during this first quarter (as long as Mother Nature continues to play nice!), and we expect to begin lighting up folks in the third quarter.  We’re also bringing the Northeast Cassopolis Zone into the 2016 plan, with the expectation that we’ll begin installations in the fourth quarter.

As of today we have almost 1200 happily using our service, and 873 folks in active zones (not including our new 2016 builds) somewhere in process. We topped the 3000 mark of customers “in the zone” (which doesn’t even include those in remote areas), and are adding more than 50 new folks each week.

Year 2 of our 5-year project promises to bring BIG things in the southwest Michigan rural broadband revolution. Keep spreading the word!