Whether you are trying to protect your children from internet dangers, or just trying to reclaim some face-to-face family time, many parents are looking for ways to manage their home internet access. If you use the Midwest-provided 844 router, there are some simple ways to limit access and block service.

Let’s start with the basics. First, locate the router we installed and find the sticker that has your login information. Hop onto a computer connected to the internet and open up a web browser. Type in and press Enter. It will then ask you to enter the login information from the router. After completing these steps, you will see this screen:


Click the Advanced Tab to access the menu that includes instructions for Scheduling Access, Service Blocking and Website Blocking. Each are these allows you to select connected devices from a drop-down menu and control it according to your wishes. Here is a brief description of what each area allows you to control:

Scheduling Access:  This allows you to limit/block time for selected devices. If you want your child to have access on that device Monday through Friday from 4 – 9 p.m., then select those days and times and click Add. Only that device will be limited; other members of the family will enjoy uninterrupted use.

Service Blocking:  Use this to block specific services on selected devices, like games or apps. There are a few options pre-populated in the drop-down menu, and you can add others if you know the ports.

Website Blocking: Use this to block specific websites on selected devices.

Most routers offer similar options; look for details with your router or online.

Parents have enough challenges today; I hope these tools help you manage some of those that come with internet access. If you have questions or need additional help, please feel free to leave me a comment or call us at 844-493-4237.