Remember the days when your internet experience started with a series of noises and beeps and gave you a 56Kbps connection? We’ve come a long way as many of today’s smartphones provide a 12Mbps connection!

Ever-changing technology opens up all kinds of possibilities, and one of the exciting new trends is live streaming. A live stream is a real-time internet video broadcast. Just press a button and within seconds your followers can participate with you in a very organic viewing experience.

Twitter was among the first in the market when they bought and launched Periscope. You start your live stream from Twitter or the Periscope app, and viewers can “like” the stream and offer comments that pop up on screen while you film. A unique feature to Periscope is the ability to switch between views. For example, you can switch back and forth between your GoPro or DJI drone in the air and your smartphone camera on the ground. Great viewing from different angles!

Facebook Live is similar but without the ability to switch between views. Viewer comments scroll across the bottom and likes/emojis float across the screen as they are submitted. You also can schedule videos so your audience is ready, and once your live stream is finished, you can upload the video to Facebook for later viewing.

Instagram is new to live streaming. From the “Your Story” screen, select “Live” and start your video. The live video will show up on that page, and your profile photo will be marked with a “LIVE” badge.

YouTube offers live streaming from the computer, but not yet through their app. The functionality is similar to Facebook, including the ability to schedule your event.

Different strokes for different folks. Check out the various platforms to determine which fits your needs, and join the live stream movement!