Yesterday was a HUGE day in “The Crowd” as we welcomed more than 400 new members to the #TeamFiber family. Welcome to all of those who have officially signed on for the southwest Michigan Rural Broadband Revolution.

Lots of questions from our southeast Michigan members. We are implementing the fiber infrastructure for our utility communications system in southeast Michigan, but are focusing on the fiber internet service benefit in southwest Michigan first, because there are simply fewer high-speed options available. However, we know that there are pockets in southeast Michigan that also don’t have viable solutions. We hear your wishes and frustrations and want to assure you that we are engaging in conversation with other providers in the area about possible partnerships using our fiber infrastructure to extend service. Stay tuned here for more information as those opportunities unfold.

Because we’ve had so many crowd newcomers, we wanted to remind everyone about how to help build your zone. As we’ve explained, where we go next with construction is largely driven by the zones with the greatest interest, so we encourage those of you in the post-2015 build period to get the word out to friends and neighbors in your zone. Click on the Zones tab at the top of the website to view your zone and start spreading the word. We have these free Solutions business cards that you can pass out to friends and neighbors. You can talk up the service and leave a reminder that points folks directly to the website for more information. If you’d like a supply of 25 cards, visit our Cass or Paw Paw district service center, or call us at 844-49FIBER.

Kudos to our members in the East Vicksburg/North Mendon zone; they’re already 40% to goal! Great work!