A few months ago we shared a post called “The Relevance of Clouds” where we basically defined the cloud as a server that can hold your personal files. It’s a way to keep your phone and tablet clear of clutter while keeping all of your digital files easily accessible and secure.

Once you’ve decided to use the cloud, the next step is picking which service is right for you. That’s where it gets a little overwhelming! Here’s a quick look at a few of the popular cloud services that are available.

Google Drive provides storage for just about any file type, from documents to spreadsheets to photos/videos to designs. Google Photos is another product that allows you to organize your photos into albums that can be easily searched.

Dropbox is very similar, allowing you to store any digital file type. You can also access your files through the Dropbox website, desktop apps for Mac and Windows, or various mobile apps.

OneDrive with Office 365 is Microsoft’s solution, and offers both cloud storage and the Office suite. Office 365 Personal includes Outlook, Word, Excel, etc. with cloud storage for one user. Office 365 Home is more geared to the family, offering everything that Personal offers, but for five users.

iCloud Drive is for exclusively for iPhone/iPad; sorry Android users. It offers a bonus feature of full back up of your iPhone/iPad, so if your device is lost or broken, you can restore it. Depending on the size of your storage, iCloud can even back up multiple devices.

Confused? Here’s a great resource on choosing which cloud storage is right for you. Figure out what meets your needs, then get set up to give yourself peace of mind knowing that your files are safe and secure in the cloud.