Congratulations #TeamFiber crowd –you are ON IT this week!  Since Tuesday morning more than 100 people have joined “The Crowd.” If you’re one of our new sign-ups, WELCOME! If you’re one of those hustling to get your friends and neighbors signed up and build your zone, GREAT WORK!!  The East Vicksburg/North Mendon Zone officially took the lead over North Cassopolis with 19%, but other zones are also building.

We now have over 800 in the crowd and eagerly awaiting fiber to their home or business, and as of Monday 465 co-op members are installed and able to surf the web at previously unknown speeds!

Calls are flooding our call center everyday – chiefly members wanting to sign up, or members in the crowd who want to know WHEN they will be installed. We know you’ve waited a LONG TIME and are ready for a reliable and affordable solution, and we have a plan to construct 400 miles a year over the next five years. Is it aggressive? Yes! Is it fast enough for those who are waiting. No!

Just remember that this is a very grassroots effort and our members are largely driving the next-step construction plans by building their zones. Each zone that reaches goal will be considered as we determine where we’re going next. Share this update with fellow co-op members in your area and encourage them to Join the Crowd. You can also pass along the Midwest Connections Zone Build, a quick video that walks interested members through the sign up and sharing process. Click on the link or the image above to see how easy it is to encourage others to get busy!