ZonesThere was a lot of behind-the-scenes activity yesterday and last night as we made some necessary changes to our zones and the zone map at our Join The Crowd website. 20 zones became 23 zones. Did you feel the Earth shake as that was happening?

We reconfigured several existing zones so that we could add two additional areas to the 2015 build. We made those changes in response to an opportunity to provide high-speed service to a local school using dollars available through the federal E-Rate program. These funds cover the cost of the build, and this project provides great benefits to the students and families in this school, and the greater community. None of the planned construction for 2015 is impacted by this addition; we’ll just have to work even harder to get it all done!

For some of you, this addition means you have moved into an active zone and will be part of our 3rd/4th quarter 2015 construction. Please watch for communication from us about important next steps so that we can be ready for your service drop construction when the time is right.

If you log in to The Crowd and click on the Zones tab you’ll see the new zones on the map, with the goal information detailed below the map. About 350 members were moved to a new zone as a result of this change, so please take a moment to log in to see if your zone changed. This may impact how you work to build your zone!

Speaking of which: be sure and watch for next week’s update as we offer two exciting new ways that you can build your zone. Stay tuned!