Portions of Dowagiac will be buzzing with excitement later this week as about 600 members get “THE LETTER” from #TeamFiber letting them know we’re coming during the third quarter. More happy faces across southwest Michigan!

As we continue to progress with our planned 2015 construction, we’re starting to look ahead to 2016. Remember we launched Crowd Fiber as a way to determine the areas of greatest interest to help provide a roadmap for our five-year build. With the first year nearly under our belts, it’s time to start considering the big question: WHO’S NEXT?

Whos NextIt’s in your hands, and you still have time to impact our 2016 build. In mid-to-late July we will determine where we’re going in the first quarter of 2016, and that will be determined by the zones with the greatest expressions of interest based on goal. Right now, as you can see, folks in the East Vicksburg North Mendon zone are firmly in the lead at 46% to goal, but it’s not too late. We’ve seen how the word-on-the-street approach can make a huge difference.

Here’s the thing to remember: there’s a lot of noise in our lives, and a lot of stuff competing for our attention. Just because YOU caught on quickly to the rural broadband revolution doesn’t mean your neighbors did. One member recently shared how surprised she was that her neighbors had no idea this service was available, even though they’d also received the introductory mailing and subsequent monthly direct mail postcards. We can do all of the creative, inventive, ingenious advertising in the world, but nothing will ever be more effective that neighbor telling neighbor.

Pass out the Solutions business cards (still available at no charge in packs of 25 – just call us at 844-493-4237), go door-to-door, get busy on social media, and you could be among the next group of people getting THE LETTER. It’s all in your hands!