It’s been a great first month working with TeamFiber. I’ve enjoyed talking with our customers and helping with your tech needs!

This month we launch Tech Talk, where I’ll feature a common question or issue and try to offer a little help and support. Our September issue: wireless connectivity.

TeamFiber offers a wireless router for a $5 monthly fee. I’m talking about the 844 model specifically as we’re no longer deploying the 836. Look for the sticker that came on the router or was sent to you in the mail to know if you’ve got the 844.

This router offers two frequency connection points, 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz, and each wireless device will automatically connect to the appropriate frequency. Generally speaking, older devices will access the 2.4 GHz and newer devices like the iPhone 6, Galaxy S6, Xbox One, any new tablets, smart televisions, etc. will access the 5GHz.

A good rule of thumb: if you use a particular device for streaming or gaming, you might want to hardwire or directly connect into the router. The speeds we offer at TeamFiber are tested and measured through the Ethernet connection, and not the Wi-Fi. So if your application requires higher bandwidth, I recommend connecting directly to the ports on your router.

A couple of other quick tips: assign distinct names to your two connection points as it helps to know the Wi-Fi version your devices are connected to. Also, if you use Wi-Fi extenders, consider upgrading to a newer model to maximize your speed and efficiency across all devices. It’s beyond frustrating to be left with no connection or dropped websites because your hardware can’t support the great speeds offered by TeamFiber.

Finally, you may want to consider adding a guest network for friends and family that frequently stop. This allows visitors to connect to your Wi-Fi without being able to access any of your home network resources like folders, printers, etc. Sharing your wireless router’s internet connection with others can seriously slow down your home network’s speeds.

If you purchased your own router, please reference the manufacturer’s information to know how to improve your experience.