For those of you now using our fiber internet solution, this probably won’t come as a surprise. For those still patiently (or not so patiently) waiting, this should just reaffirm your commitment.

People LOVE their fiber service.

We survey our newly-installed customers to measure their satisfaction, both with the scheduling and installation process and the overall service experience. We’re still learning, and continue to strive to make this experience the very best it can be. You deserve it!

Here are just a few comments from new users from our most recent survey:

  • Love the speed and pricing of service packages. Great Internet afforded to us customers living in rural areas!  (Heather, Dowagiac)
  • I am extremely pleased with Midwest’s internet service. After years of paying for Frontier and not being able to use our service, I don’t look at it as paying to have Midwest’s service. I see it as a bargain price to pay NOT to have Frontier. Good job. Keep it up. (Danny, Dowagiac)
  • This service has changed our lives, no joke. We went from paralyzed to functional in the flip of a switch. We are thrilled to be connected. Thank you so much. (Susan, Vicksburg)
  • This has been great!! Beats the crap out of old dialup service & my Sprint service. Can watch my Amazon TV, use my iPhone and my laptop. Thing is fast! (Ginny, Three Rivers)
  • I LOVE my internet. The stress from data overages is long gone, no more having to tell the kids to not use internet for a few days due to data. The speed is impeccable and we have had nothing but a positive experience for the last 3 months. Thank you!! (Carey, Cassopolis)

The other cool thing is that we now have over 3200 people in the crowd, and close to 1400 actively using service. More importantly, we’ve hit a 50% take-rate in four of our active zones! That means 50% (or more) of the people who have access to service have actually signed up. Adoption is growing!

The rural broadband revolution is alive and well in southwest Michigan! Keep spreading the word!